Samstag, 6. April 2013


Though it´s April already the snow wouldn´t melt in Germany so I spent the last two weeks driving through France looking for wind, waves and warm weather. The first week I spent around Marseille. An area that is beautiful in almost any aspect. Luckily I got even a couple of windsurfing days. The session in the video was filmed in Carro. The second week I stayed around Hossegor and scored unbelievable surf every day. The beachbreaks are heavy and I got seriously pounded all the time but also snuck some barrel views from as deep as I have never been before. I want to thank everyone I met along the trip for their kindness!

some frenchman close to heaven...

another frenchman getting barreled.

my attempts


  1. Hey Leon if you want to come back to Marseille tell me/us & you can stay by here in Cassis & we could enjoy some good sessions together if the wind/waves show up! See ya! you can find me on Fb Marc serra

  2. Hey Marc,

    thanks! I came through Cassis, nice place! I chilled down there in this stoney cove :) I will let you know once I go there again!