Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2013

Cape Verde #1

Why the heck am I flying to Cape Verde? It looks like there will be six PWA events this season and non of them is starboard tack. The answer is, this winter I had less time to travel compared to previous years. Two weeks is all I got for now and in those two weeks I wanted one thing: waves! So I booked a flight to Cape Verde and brought windsurf, SUP and surf gear. In the end I surfed almost every day, didnt use the SUP once and also didnt score a single decent windsurfing session - until my last day. The forecast was epic and when I got to the beach the waves were absolutely pumping...... (to be continued in the next post)

Adi Beholz stoked after surfing his first wave at Ponta Preta 

local food

Ponta Preta

the waves were great that day but this was the only wave I could catch as the wind was too offshore and the lineup crowded with surfers

I will come back one day, thats for sure!

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