Samstag, 30. November 2013

Chile chilling

Some relaxed vibes here in Chile. The last big swell has been a while ago so at the moment its mostly side-on jumping in Pupuya. Good training for the euro events next year. 

Dienstag, 29. Oktober 2013

Aloha Classic Maui

Maui... so nice to be back after three and half years! Yesterday we held the single elimination of the PWA event. The conditions were pumping... together with Tasmania the best I have seen in a competition. A lot of guys were killing it among them my Hot Sails teammates Kauli and Morgan. Stoked to see them in the final! Also stoked for Levi who has been sailing incredible throughout the event and taking first place! 
I only finished third in my first heat and didn´t make it to the second round though I learned from wave to wave more about the wave, timing and my equipment. I used some heat breaks to hit the water which allowed me to have Hookipa almost for myself!! By the end of the day Klaas, who also kind of screwed up, and I were smiling again. 
Today the conditions weren´t good enough for the double elimination so we went free sailing. I got some nice waves and I also had my first shark encounter ever :) While I was quite far outside a Hammerhead shark came pointing straight at me. One meter in front of me he decided I was too big for him for lunch and dove away. He wasn´t too big though scared me for a second!

For Thursday another good swell is supposed to hit with 12-16 feet faces, my chance to fight my way back up the rankings.

Sonntag, 13. Oktober 2013

Big Days Rügen

Glad to finally see a contest in German waters again and great so many friends were there ripping. The Supremesurf Big Days started yesterday in Mukran on Rügen as the forecast predicted strong east winds. The conditions were not epic but decent enough to compete. It was a long day on and off the water with a skippers meeting at 7:30 and the finals at 16:30. Eventually I finished 3rd place after losing to Kenneth in the semis. I was happy with my sailing and had some strong heats though I wasn´t really in competition mode the whole day. The last months I pretty much only sailed in competition and had only few free sailing sessions. Maybe that killed my motivation a little bit. Now the side-on events are over and I am super keen to move on and gain new strength from Maui and Chile perfection!

Mittwoch, 25. September 2013

Cold Hawaii 5th

The last day of the competition up in Denmark brought some solid wind and fun conditions. I managed to make my way to a 5th place which leaves me in 6th position of the world rankings... cant believe it! Though there are still more events to come - Sylt, Maui, Chile - lets see what happens.

Now I hope we get a proper storm marching over Sylt next week. Below a few moves from Denmark.

Donnerstag, 19. September 2013

Tassie articles

Sweet article in the newspaper of my hometown Kieler Nachrichten. I couldn´t read it yet though I am stoked they took my favorite picture as header! Circulation is 100.000 a day :)

I am super happy the SURF magazine just published my six pages inside report from Tasmania. If you can read German, get a copy ;)

Mittwoch, 18. September 2013

Cold Hawaii

Cold Hawaii - one of my favorite places to hang out and also the place where I sail most of the time when I am home. We had some nice conditions over the last few days in windsurfing and surfing though it never came together for more than 1 heat of official competition. The forecast for the remaining days isn´t really good but with some luck we might be able to compete on Saturday. I am pretty exhausted right now after some intense days on the water. When its good like this you have to use every minute of it! However from now on I will fall into Klitmoeller groove with some sauna session and hardcore chilling tomorrow. 

Montag, 26. August 2013

Storm Chase Mission #2

Waaah, what a trip. One week journey to Tasmania and more than half of it on the road or in the sky. There are way too many impressions, ups and downs, moments of pure joy and frustration to be told here. At the moment I am writing a story for the German SURF magazine about the second mission. After that I hopefully find some time to write a few more words here as well. Right now I am just super happy I made it to the 3rd and final mission!!


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